Fridays are Pretty Great

Most people visit the lab on Fridays, including former students and collaborators. I like how active everything feels on this day, which manages to create an atmosphere of productivity and reconnection.

I also enjoy to go around and catch-up on what everyone has been doing as of late, so I end up bouncing between tasks and ideas often.

The day, interesting to share or not, went something like this:

-pull/push changes to the multiuser workstation repository to avoid merge conflict agony

-say “good morning” to people

-do homework assignments before the meeting

-attend the lab meeting

-talk about graphics and engine programming with Aaron after the meeting

-finalize travel plans to the SIGCHI conference with Ken and Zhenyi with the incredible help of Samira

-discuss project ideas with Zhenyi and catch-up on project details

-witness Alex debugging a Raspberry Pi

-reinstall audio/midi libraries onto a different computer to prepare for some music production

-tell puns and hear puns that others share throughout the day

This was a pretty great day.

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