Cinema 4D at the Lab


At SIGGRAPH 2018, the president of Maxon Cinema 4D saw CAVE and was blown away by it. He was also thrilled to hear that C4D was used by Eric Chang and I to do CAVE’s particle effects and concept art. Since then, Maxon has been very interested in what we’re doing at the lab and has generously donated 10 free licenses of C4D to us, a very pricey and powerful piece of software. Thank you Maxon!

I’ve been using C4D for 6 years, and believe it is the most artist friendly, intuitive 3D creation package out there. If you’ve been using Blender, or Maya, I highly encourage you all to give C4D a shot.  You won’t look back!

Here are some beautiful examples of things made with C4D, and some great tutorials as well. If you’re interested in using it, please let me or Sebastian know and we’ll hook you up!


Here’s work by Raul Marks, who makes the most beautiful opening credit sequences of all time using C4D


He’s a great introduction series:

Introduction to Cinema 4D

Here’s the weird, dystopian conceptual art of Beeple, who makes a rendering a day


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  1. Greyscale Gorilla and C4D was how I learned motion graphics. I used to even make tutorials with it a long time ago. Generous gift by Maxon!

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