Auto Rigging Tools

For those of you who have been keeping up with my other posts about the 3D model I have been working on, this is the next installation in that series 😊. So, after I was more or less happy with the look of my character, and after moving it between Maya and Zbrush a couple of times, I decided the next step would be to rig the character (create a skeleton with which I could pose and animate it with). I wanted a robust toolset, that would also allow for facial rigging. This is when I asked Pasan (guru of all things 3D art related here at FRL) what he recommended, and he told me to try out Advanced Skeleton 5.

Indeed, I swiftly clicked the download button on the AS5 website. Later, I perused over a tutorial that gave me a basic idea of what this toolset was capable. As I used it, I found that it supported many different methods of rigging, as well as adding extra limbs, tails, and even a dragon rig. I was rather overjoyed when I found this out. Without dillydallying, I decided at once to try it out on the 3D model I have been working on. I did not only use the primary form of Maya rigging that Advanced Skeleton offered, but I also used their DeltaMush option which provided some good bends for the body of the character. I am impressed! Here are some of the results.

Of course, the clothing could use some weight painting. But overall, I think the auto rigger did a pretty good job. On to facial rigging next!

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