Asset Library

For the last month or so, I’ve been working on creating a library of assets for students to access. The idea is to make low-poly assets that students could use within their own projects. This would prevent them from having to spend time looking for or creating extra assets and allow them to focus on the work they need to do. The assets I have made so far consist of a few people of various age groups and ethnicities, some market stalls, and public transportation. I plan to keep adding to the library to include more people/ families and various public structures such as signs and buildings.

The work I’ve done so far has helped me improve my skills in zbrush and understand the way the program decimates meshes and remeshes them. Previously, when I decimated models, I would have to edit them further within Maya as there would be multiple clusters of small geometry on the mesh that would drastically increase the polygon count of a model or there would be multiple layers of geometry within a mesh which I would have to delete manually. Now, I understand how to avoid these problems. Within zbrush, the trick is to ensure that the surface of a model composed of multiple objects is “watertight” (doesn’t have any holes). Only then will zbrush delete the inner geometry when remeshing. After remeshing, you need to ensure that there is no single part of the model with a high concentration of geometry, this can be fixed by smoothing the topology of the model after which you are free to decimate the model from a few million polygons to a few hundred with little to no errors

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