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Holojam in Wonderland

The first multi-audience, multi-performer live action theatrical performance completely in virtual reality

October 3-8, 2017

"Holojam in Wonderland" is the world's first ever collocated theater piece for multiple actors and multiple audience members to take place entirely in shared untethered Virtual Reality. All performers and audience members are physically in the same room, able to free to walk around in that room and touch each other, yet they all see each other as avatars in a shared virtual world.

The research that went into this project, led by Ph.D. students Connor DeFanti and Zhenyi He, included low latency multi-participant tracking, synchronization of computer graphics with immersive 3D audio, and VR / AR collocation technology from our lab's spin-off company, Holojam Inc. The result is a new form of shared experience, combining the immediacy of live theater with the magical possibilities of shared virtual reality.


Director - David Gochfeld

Technical Director - Sebastian Herscher

Sound Design - David Shinn, Marta Olko

Sound Assistants - Eli Kuli, Juan Giordano

Dramaturgy - Andrew Lazarow

Narrative Design - Stephanie Riggs

Original Concept - Clara Fernandez Vara

Production Designer - Kris Layng

Assistant Designer - Longkun Yang

Creative Advisor - Carol Silverman

3D Modelers - Longkun Yang, Sonia Foltarz

Backstage Coordinator - Corrine Brenner

Videographers - JP Sarmiento, Ben Kanegson

Brian Bolles, Brian Alford, William Sturdivant, Lulu Ward, Kate Smith, Juliet Brett

Production Manager - David Gochfeld

Associate Producer -Marcus Guimaraes

Producer - Jocelyn Scheirer

Executive Producer - Ken Perlin

Special thanks to
Lisa Flanagan, Dario LaVerde HTC VIVE, Jess Bass and David Klein at FoST, Jeff Hicks, Michael Gold, Thomas Meduri, the Future Reality Lab at NYU

With support from
Holojam Inc.