Welcome to our Tribe


If you don’t know me just yet, I’m Susan, the line producer intern for the CAVE project. I’ve only been working here since May, but I can honestly say, everyone in this lab feels like family to me.

So what makes this team so much more special than all the other teams that I’ve been a part of in the past? Personally, I think it’s how well everyone communicates with each other. Never have I worked at a place where all departments truly depend on each other. The production team needs to know how the headsets work in order to use them during presentations and the tech team needs the production team in order to get equipment and showcase their work. It’s beautiful!! I also find it extremely cool since I’m majoring in computer science and minoring in producing for film. I am truly happy that I get to use my knowledge from both fields.

Recently, the production team has been working very hard to make a beautiful Instagram feed that highlights themes that revolve around the CAVE project, such as Destiny, Magic, and Tribe. (Welcome to our tribe by the way 🙂 ) We’ve added some really amazing posts, so please follow @cavexr on Instagram! In addition, we have been trying to invite as many guests as possible to come try out the CAVE experience and get feedback. If you would like to come in and try it out, please email me at sudarvishi3@gmail.com.

But tribe shouldn’t just stop with the members from our team. You can join us! Whether it’s following us on social media, joining our lab, or just simply giving us some nice moral support, our family welcomes you.

As the wise Disney character Stitch once said,

“Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind…. or forgotten.”




Susie and everyone on the production team!

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