Sketch based creation


Sketch based creation is always charming to me, like chalktalk, like autodraw. They are showing the potential to turn a static 2D image or just lines into a vivid volume.

Once deep learning is being used universally, people have more approaches to apply the detection of 2D drawing.

Weeks ago when we were in SIGGRAPH 2018, there was one sketch based drawing showing in real-time live. Part of the show is talking about the magic between rough 2D drawing and adorable 3D figure. The other part is how they apply this technique into a complete story. The creation is just a start, then it became the main actor in this journey. In order to help or challenge this actor, more drawings are required on purpose, so that eventually a story full of hand-make drawing is born. The user will experience more than pure drawing. This idea is quite a match to what is in my mind. All the creation could be contributed to communication and collaboration.

Also I voted for it because it referred to an old story from my hometown, that a child with a magic pen has the power to make his drawing become real and protects family. So maybe there is sth deep in the blood 😉

Another work I know before is MagicToon: A 2D-to-3D Creative Cartoon Modeling System, 3D object will grow from the static 2D image based on the distance between contours. And then more arrangements could be applied later.

Everything starts with creation, and then we can do more manipulation on them, for social interaction, for collaboration. ChalkTalk for classroom is on the way!

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