Jurassic Park VR Game in NYC


Today, Pasan, Kris, Thomas and I went to Times Square to try a new VR game and experience in New York city: Jurassic World VR Expedition. 

The plot is that you and three friends are inside a safari car going through a jungle filled with dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are all around you, they scare you, and they attack you. At times, the car is thrown to the side or you fall down a cliff. You are constantly surprised. And before you know, you’ll find yourself holding on to the bars.

In terms of illustrations, I thought they were very nicely done. Dinosaurs were as real as it could get. I can imagine young kids, who play with plastic dinos, living their dream. But this is far from a ‘children’s only’ experience. 

The game aspect is, you are competing against the person sitting next to you to find the most dinosaurs first. If you see them, you scan them, and that’s a point! 

I really enjoyed the competitive aspect of it (Not to brag, I won. Sorry Pasan). The 5 minutes flew by without my noticing… I guess because my mind was in ‘hunt mode.’

This is what is so incredible about VR games, the immersion is so much more complete, that your senses become more active. Thus, the overall experience becomes much more unforgettable. 

The best part, it’s only $5.

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