Is it TOO Early to Celebrate Christmas?

Is it too early to start decorating for Christmas just yet?

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. We spent time with our families, we ate a lot of food, and then we all took a nice power nap. But today…today is the day after Thanksgiving. So, should I start decorating for Christmas? A lot of people have very strong opinions about this. Some say it’s ridiculous to start getting ready for Christmas since it’s not even December just yet, while others choose to prepare 5 or 6 months in advance.
Personally, I start getting ready the minute Thanksgiving ends. There’s only so much time! I have to find a Christmas tree, buy presents for friends and family, AND pass my final exams. Yes, I must start preparing right this second.
So, where should I start? This year, I think I’m going to start by playing the Merry Snowballs VR game on the Lenovo mirage solo headsets at the lab. Can’t wait until I’m back at the lab!
 Happy Holidays everyone!

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