Cool Ways Brands Are Using VR

Those were the days where people interacted with simple visual or textual ads. Now, we walk by them on the subway and on the streets without a second glance. Our generation has became immune to much of the visual noise and over stimulation around us.

So, many companies are beginning to use Virtual Reality to attract and interact with their audience (and buyers) in a new and more impactful way.

“According to a WebpageFX prediction, this year will see 171 million VR users,” and VR equipments are becoming ever more affordable.

is offering a new “try before you buy” experience where customers get the opportunity to virtually place furniture in their homes. It’s a fantastic way to test it out with your decoration and space.

Ikea VR app for HTC Vive,

The North Face

is giving their outdoorsy customers the opportunity to live their dreams. In a virtual reality experience, customers can climb the Himalayas in Nepal, while wearing and trying out The North Face products. This is perfectly targeted to sporty and adventurous audience.

The North Face VR Expedition,

Toms Shoes

Last but not least, the famous charitable shoe brand has created a virtual reality experience where customers can share the experience of giving shoes to those in need. We know that with every show bought at Toms, another is given to a child in need, but your charitable work becomes much more meaningful when you live it.

From a Toms Shoes VR Giving Trip



All the content, links, and images come from Entrepreneur Magazine:

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