Back In Action


The mammoths are back in action, and so am I, seeing as I am back at FRL from my brief vacation. A lot has been going on since I came back. I have been working with some others at the lab on creating a small world superimposed in our own. This world has decidedly sprouted up in a table standing in the middle of the office. Hm…I wonder if it is related at all with the mammoth invasion I mentioned in one of the blogposts weeks ago. Well, much like the mammoths it looks like it is here to stay.
Recently, some of my colleagues and I have been working on creating a world suitable for our mammoths to live in. Thanks to the help of others I have been able to incorporate sound, graphics and set design in this project, and slowly I am seeing the little world that has sprouted on our table get fleshed out. In addition to this, there has also been much thought on a multiuser solution. Right now, I have successfully gotten two Vive Pro headsets in the same world space. So, yes, it is not only I who can see the little world on the table, others can too. (I told them I wasn’t crazy!).
Now, it is time to think of how we can broadcast the same movements on the table to both viewers. Stay Tuned!

Set Design + Art Thanks to Pasan Dharmasena and Longkun Yang

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