Ben Ahlbrand


Learning to Generate Chairs with Convolutional Neural Networks

For a project during my masters degree, we implemented the paper Learning to Generate Chairs by Dosovitskiy et. al. in PyTorch. The only implementation available was the author’s in Caffe with Lua, so we set off to create a clean open source implementation of the work. This work presents an early differentiable renderer using convolutional […]

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The recent explosion of deep learning has demonstrated its awesome power, but data driven machine learning isn’t the end of the story. Machine learning is only one piece of the puzzle, in the future it will just be, as Ken has put it, “like a sine function”, could find use everywhere. It will be used

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Living at the Edge

Now that we have room-scale co-located tracking with no external sensors, thanks to the Quest, and Connor DeFanti’s calibration scheme – we can begin to explore other exciting possibilities for the future. One of which is using small embedded boards, such as the Raspberry Pi, coupled with an camera – both attached to the front

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