An End to a Great Semester

This semester at the FRL lab, I worked on a virtual reality project led by Zhenyi and Karl. We worked in Unity, using an asset called Photon, to network multiple objects into one scene on different computers. The goal is to eventually get multiple people in VR in the same scene that are able to interact with each other and with the objects around them. But to do this, we first had to set up the framework to get different objects synched between multiple people. We also learned how to put Unity projects on different headsets like the Mirage Solo. Our goal is now to combine these two things so we have two people in VR in the same scene. Overall I have learned a lot about Unity, which I didn’t know a ton about before. I also learned a lot about Photon and sharing data between projects, and I’m glad because I think that Photon is something that I will be able to apply to other projects as well.

I’m really happy with what our team has accomplished this semester! Hope everyone has a great winter break!

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