A Success Story


Two weeks ago, I was writing excitedly about our final countdown to SIGGRAPH. 

Today, I write even more excited to tell you about our success, the enormous turnout, the 4 days in a row of fully booked seats, and the 1924 people that watched CAVE last week. 

Our goal was to get 1800 people through the door. We knew it would be difficult. But to our pleasant surprise, our best publicists were the audience themselves. Working at registration, each day that went by I had more and more people come and say that their friends had loved it and recommended it. 

Apart from the full house, I think we had a second success, which can best be seen in Susan’s pictures.

She captioned it “the future of movies.” CAVE’s unprecedented live audience created a completely new viewing experience in Virtual Reality. These pictures, these shared moments between couples, is the first visual proof we have of their ‘togetherness’ in both VR and real life reflected through their bodies. Without a doubt, CAVE has made strides towards a more social virtual experience. 

I’m looking forward to our next builds of CAVE where avatars will have even more live features, and I’m also curious as to what our next project will be.

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