Hi everyone!

I am officially back from Japan and suffering a bit of jet lag, but treading forward. If you caught a glimpse of the post I made to the blog during my trip, you will have seen that Zhu Wang and I have been working to incorporate AR, Ipads and Rokoko Suit functionality. This has been what I have been focusing on here at the lab, and you should look forward to some videos regarding that coming out soon!

In the interim, I have decide to dedicate my blog post today to some of the other stuff I do that involves Computer Graphics. Most people know me as a Software Developer, and that is not by any means incorrect, but I also like to dabble in 3D sculpting. Specifically, I like to do character modeling. Recently, I have been working on a character which I have decided to keep as low-poly as possible. I modeled her vertex by vertex since that seems to be the better method for low poly models such as herself. Only now have I just started texturing her using ZBrush.

Although, she is in pretty early iterations, I will post some pictures of her down here. I’ve had fun working on her with the challenge of trying to keep her polygons to a minimum. Sometimes its refreshing to take a break from coding and do a little bit of 3D sculpting. : )

Above: Character untextured.

Above: Character textured in ZBrush with Flat Shading.

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