Paper – Success!

Today, I am happy to write that the paper relevant to one of my previous posts has been accepted! Specifically, it has been accepted as a Late Breaking Work to this year’s SIGCHI conference. Zhenyi, Professor Ken Perlin, and I collaborated on this paper. For the project, we implemented multiple ways of configuring content and

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From the tail-end of my previous post: “Next time (I think): more on this project and “why I am thankful that we have a piano.” I guess this might seem like a curveball, but I need to postpone the music-related post. Today’s post features another session of Chalktalk-related “goings-on.” This week we had another opportunity

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I’m Karl Rosenberg, a recent computer science graduate from NYU and an incoming PhD student.(Future Reality PhD student?) As I am interested in the application of technology to education, I am excited to work on Chalktalk at the Future Reality Lab. For newcomers, this video demonstrates Chalktalk well. Chalktalk is a presentation and visualization tool in

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