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Less Big-Brother-ish

Hi everyone, I don’t want to get political, and I know this conversation is much bigger than this short post. But I wanted to share with you on a very interesting article I read: “China’s use of big data might actually make it less Big Brother-ish.” I grew up in China. I remember very early […]

not black_mirror

At our weekly lab meeting this past Friday, our research group conducted an exercise. We each spoke about examples from a possible not-to-distant future where screens had been replaced with less obtrusive technology. Our goal in this process was to call out the things that had changed. There was only one rule: Technology changed things […]

Notch Experiments

A followup blog from my last post on Notch. Last week I wrote about picking up a new software, called Notch, this week I’m going to post some of the work in progress / BTS of the visuals I made for the Sheck Wes x Spotify concert at the Harlem Parish on Monday. (Sadly, it […]

Cave Textures 2.0

For the last 2 weeks, I continued my work on CAVE. My task was to a normal map for the original texture of the cave which could then be baked onto the cave. I created a 3D model of the texture, sculpted it to give it more details, then baked the normal information onto a […]

New Members Page!

Two weeks ago, I started working with the legendary Mike Gold on ways to update our FRL website.  The first thing we decided to work on is creating a members page. In order to create this page, I first learned how to run WordPress using MAMP, a software that would allow me to run a […]

Audience Data!

Happy October! The weather is getting colder (yay) and it’s raining a lot more (boo, or yay?) What is “audience data”? How do we collect it? I believe the ultimate data you could collect from an audience would be what they’re thinking in realtime, but I suspect that collecting that would be extremely difficult and […]


Recently I tried Unity’s NavMesh to implement a prototype of collision avoidance module for our physical therapy balance project. Rather than using connected points and graphs to search and represent the optimal path, NavMesh(navigation mesh) defines the walkable space by polygons, and objects can walk through the polygons to reach the waypoints. Currently, in our […]

Multi-user Experience

We have been working on multi-user experience in mixed reality for a while, because we have faith that people want to spend time together. However, I have confusion on both developing social interaction and enjoying that. It is always tedious and complicated to me during developing multi-user experience, including both hardware and software. For co-located […]

White Mirror

If we assume that in five years (more or less) smartphones will be replaced by wearables, I think we can see from Marta’s very thoughtful post yesterday how many negative consequences there can be for face-to-face social interaction between people. Yet there is still time for us to help shape the outcome in a more […]


I am aware that this topic has been touched upon many times already, but certain painful observations over the last weeks have led me to write this post. Forgive me if my analysis will seem shallow, as I know the problem is much more sophisticated and complex than I am able to address here. But […]