Prototyping Human Interaction

In a few years smartphones will be replaced by small high quality VR/AR glasses, enabling computer-supported face-to-face communication, and that will change everything.  At the Future Reality Lab, we are helping to make that future better, friendlier and more human centered.

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Eyes-Free Communication

Recently I added a new configuration to our multi-workstation project. It is called eyes-free configuration. Inspired by artist’s work and previous comments on mid-air drawing, I borrowed the idea that user is drawing on an out-of-view surface while the result is simultaneously displayed on both the surface and another floating screen. Thus the user can rest their hands on a surface during the communication and…

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Conversations and documents

Sometimes you want to hang out and talk with somebody, and sometimes you want to read something. We think of these two kinds of communication as two different worlds, but we don’t think either of these worlds is more “correct” than the other. As we well know, they actually complement each other quite well. We bring knowledge gleaned from what we have been reading into…

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