Prototyping Human Interaction

New From The Lab

A Success Story

Two weeks ago, I was writing excitedly about our final countdown to SIGGRAPH.  Today, I write even more excited to tell you about our success, the enormous turnout, the 4 days in a row of fully booked seats, and the 1924 people that watched CAVE last week.  Our goal was to get 1800 people through […]

Reflecting on SIGGRAPH 2018

After spending the last week in Vancouver demoing our projects at SIGGRAPH 2018, I am thinking back on the months of work that led up to this event and the vision that inspired us. In this vision, we imagined dancing 3D characters that would be animated in real-time with the ability to respond to user […]


This week’s going to be a media post – photos and videos 🙂 No words this week… too tired to formulate thoughts. Will be back to regular posts soon.

Mending Broken Arms

In my last post, I said I would discuss motion capture in relation to keyframe animation. Unfortunately, I was not able to complete everything I wanted for this post due to unforeseen complications with the character rigs. I will talk about the things I was able to finish for this week in this post and […]

On Daily Blogs

After wrapping on CAVE, today the lab celebrated.  We took an abbreviated tour of the nature around Vancouver, and enjoyed a lovely dinner followed by drinks and great conversation.  I turned in early to give myself time to rest and prepare for our early flight tomorrow night. I have a great deal of admiration for […]

Another Legendary MR Experience

This is the SIGGRAPH week, a week that most of my colleagues have prepared for several months. This year, our lab has a CAVE experience demo showing in the East Building, rooms 19/20 of the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, Canada. If you are currently in SIGGRAPH and reading our blogs, I highly recommend you to […]


“All of these ideas are simple, The problem is making them simple” “It’s not because I am a smart person. It’s because I have smart friends” — Ivan Edward Sutherland — Father of Computer Graphics Feel so lucky to be there, facing the legend, listening to the old story, imaging how ideas came up 50 years […]

We did it!

Yesterday our production got off to a rocky start due to network issues. But today, thanks to amazing work by our grad students, our CAVE production at SIGGRAPH has hit its stride. Just in the last day, our shared VR story has been seen and heard by hundreds of people — thirty at a time […]

Sound for Cave

Today is an important day – Cave will be finally presented to a public audience at SIGGRAPH! Because of this, I would like to talk about sound specifically in the Cave project. I lead Cave’s audio team with the help of Dennis and Tatiana who did a tremendous job preparing the sounds and programming the […]