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Planning for technology obsolescence

The cloud-based towers, the rows of analysts, The hi-tech temples, the great Web itself, Yea all which they inherit, shall dissolve And, like this instance of a page, once faded, Leave not a rack behind. They are such stuff As dreams are made on, and their little life Is rounded with a sleep. (with apologies […]

Connecting Artists

Last week was very busy for me as our lab was preparing a Concert on the Holodeck. The event featured Ozark Henry – a very talented Belgium avant-garde pop artist. The performance was part of the Holodeck project, which aims to build a Virtual Reality platform for different kinds of collaboration. This time we connected […]

A Halloween Poem

My favorite spooky poem of all time, which makes my imagination go wild. Enjoy! “The Haunted Palace” By Edgar Allen Poe In the greenest of our valleys By good angels tenanted, Once a fair and stately palace— Radiant palace—reared its head. In the monarch Thought’s dominion, It stood there! Never seraph spread a pinion Over […]

Leaning Forwards

Today, Zhenyi and I held our first meeting with the undergraduate interns to demonstrate and discuss the development of our lean-forwards (interactive) MR presentation system (mentioned in some of our lab’s previous posts). The project has several components related to network, avatars, audio, and other areas, and the interns seem excited to start helping with […]

Hi everyone! I am officially back from Japan and suffering a bit of jet lag, but treading forward. If you caught a glimpse of the post I made to the blog during my trip, you will have seen that Zhu Wang and I have been working to incorporate AR, Ipads and Rokoko Suit functionality. This […]

Concert on the Holodeck

I’d like to take today to invite everyone to the second “Concert on the Holodeck,” an exploration into the possibilities of networking and distributed performance.   Here’s a brief blurb from the NYU Immersive Audio Group website: The NYU Immersive Audio Group and Future Reality lab present the second HoloDeck concert. This unique event explores […]

Less Big-Brother-ish

Hi everyone, I don’t want to get political, and I know this conversation is much bigger than this short post. But I wanted to share with you on a very interesting article I read: “China’s use of big data might actually make it less Big Brother-ish.” I grew up in China. I remember very early […]

not black_mirror

At our weekly lab meeting this past Friday, our research group conducted an exercise. We each spoke about examples from a possible not-to-distant future where screens had been replaced with less obtrusive technology. Our goal in this process was to call out the things that had changed. There was only one rule: Technology changed things […]

Notch Experiments

A followup blog from my last post on Notch. Last week I wrote about picking up a new software, called Notch, this week I’m going to post some of the work in progress / BTS of the visuals I made for the Sheck Wes x Spotify concert at the Harlem Parish on Monday. (Sadly, it […]

Cave Textures 2.0

For the last 2 weeks, I continued my work on CAVE. My task was to a normal map for the original texture of the cave which could then be baked onto the cave. I created a 3D model of the texture, sculpted it to give it more details, then baked the normal information onto a […]