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Change of Guard

Today was my last day working directly at the lab.  I’ve been admin for one year, and now that I’ve graduated, I must go out into the real world and find the next thing to do. It’s been a real pleasure working with everyone here.  I’m not saying goodbye to these people yet, as I’ll […]

Out with the beloved old, in with the exciting new

Every year, without falter, our lab goes through a “spring cleaning” (though almost never in spring). We rifle through the equipment we use, the cables we don’t, the desk space we have, and the people who have stayed through to the new academic year. There’s much that we deem fit to save for the upcoming […]

FRL in InsurTech Expo

Our lab has collaborations with Tactonic and Physical Therapy department on pressure sensing and VR rehabilitation projects. So we are invited to attend InsurTech Science and Engineering Innovation Expo 2018. The expo is an opportunity to connect insurance companies to technical experts and help them share innovations in data analytics and digital technology products. NYU […]

Sketch based creation

Sketch based creation is always charming to me, like chalktalk, like autodraw. They are showing the potential to turn a static 2D image or just lines into a vivid volume. Once deep learning is being used universally, people have more approaches to apply the detection of 2D drawing. Weeks ago when we were in SIGGRAPH […]

Music for holos

The production we showed at SIGGRAPH 2018 was a new kind of thing. When you put an audience in a physical room together and provide them with a shared experience of total sensory immersion, it’s not exactly a play, and it’s not exactly a movie. For want of a better word, I’ve started calling it […]

The Future of Audio

Today I would like to share with you a powerful experience I had recently in Seattle. It does not happen very often to me to hear something which changes my perspective and opens new doors for creativity. I carefully treasure these moments in my memory as a challenge for my own work. Last week I […]

A Special Night at the Movies

Tonight I saw a 70mm print of Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece, VERTIGO, at the Castro Theater in San Francisco. Although it’s my tenth time seeing the film, this was my first time seeing it projected on film with an audience. And boy was it good. I could talk about VERTIGO for hours, but I’d rather talk […]

Chalktalk and Sketch Interface Experiments (with a little bit of Computer Science)

Note: This post is assumes a little bit (byte) of familiarity with computer science — specifically the binary search tree data structure. As an undergraduate I collaborated with another student (now graduated) to prototype a few computer science-related sketches in Chalktalk. The binary search tree (BST) was our first target, so we made the following […]

Our time in Vancouver

Two weeks ago today the lab began its ten day visit in Vancouver for the SIGGRAPH 2018 convention. As you can see from the posts that have been saturating this page, we came out of it with may new experiences to share with all you who are reading.  For about five days, I was behind […]

Personal Highlights of SIGGRAPH 2018

I’m currently in the airport, doing some post-SIGGRAPH travel to recharge, so this post will have to be brief. But, I figure I should write down some thoughts I had on the conference before they escape me. So, here’s a quick list of things I particularly enjoyed or noticed at SIGGRAPH 2018: Machine Learning continues […]