Prototyping Human Interaction

New From The Lab


Sebastian sketched out the timeline for Ken’s research plan for the coming year, in which practically everything we’ve been working on collectively will be combined into an assortment of ambitious projects. Among other items on the agenda, we’re already talking about SIGGRAPH 2019, which, much like the previous project, will have multiple components to it, including […]

Rokoko and iPads

Hello from Japan! Been a bit busy, but wanted to show you guys a little sneak peek of some thing I’ve been working on with a person in a Rokoko Suit puppeteering a character in AR on the iPad!

Reality 2.0 (beta branch)

In my very first post, I talked about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and their eventual merge. A couple weeks ago, I learned that “eventually” was coming sooner than I originally thought. Google has announced that they will be supporting “See-Through Mode” on their standalone HMDs, allowing you to wear a headset, be aware of your environment, […]

New People at the Lab!

At the beginning of every semester, we have people go, but we also have incredible and talented new students joining us! It’s a bittersweet situation. Today, I want to introduce you to Nina and Christy. They are the new member of our family. Meet Christy! from Detroit, Michigan M: Tell me a little secret about you? […]

Tricking OpenPose

As I continue my research in deep learning and computer vision, my goal is to learn more about the limitations of what is currently one of the most popular methods for estimating human poses – CMU’s OpenPose system. As shown in the video above, this method can produce impressive results when the entire body of the subject […]

New Project, No Time

I’m going to keep my post short this week, a big project came in at work for a show happening a week from today… which means, I’ve got less than a week to make the interactive visuals… fun. But the point of this blog isn’t for me to complain… I’ve decided to use a new […]

Texture Trials

I’ve continued working with substance painter this week. I am trying to figure out a style for the textures of the museum. I want them to be evocative of Overwatch. The textures and geometry need to be a blend of realistic and stylized. Overwatch is a game created by Blizzard which is known for its […]

Inspiring Women in Tech

This past week I had the honor of attending the 2018 Grace Hopper Celebration. On the first day of the conference, I sat alongside approximately 20,000 women for the opening keynote. Since it was my first time ever attending, I had no idea what to expect. Sitting in a crowd of 20,000 people…it made me […]

When it’s appropriate to throw a cat out of a window

Theres an appropriate time for when you can throw a cat out of a window. A midtown veterinarian would tell you that out of 300 cats rushed into their clinic after a midday base jump, only 20 were seriously injured, and none had the unfortunate experience of losing one of their nine lives. This is […]

A Glimpse of Our Holodeck project

Our lab is collaborating with a few labs of NYU on a big project called Holodeck. The basic idea of the project is to create a platform for players co-located all over the world to join and interact with each other in a virtual world. The project Urbane from Visualization Imaging and Data Analysis Center […]