Prototyping Human Interaction

New From The Lab


I’m going to take a break from talking about my research goals today, and instead focus on the thing that’s on our lab’s mind: SIGGRAPH! If you are unfamiliar with SIGGRAPH, it is the largest annual conference focused on Computer Graphics. Unsurprisingly, as CG affects practically every industry today, you will see a very wide […]

Characters Brought to Life with Motion Capture

THE COUNTDOWN HAS STARTED!! We are officially 5 days away from CAVE’s premiere at SIGGRAPH. This post is about our animated characters. I decided to talk about this after overhearing a conversation at the lab yesterday. Three people were seriously curious about how the characters came to life, and they had many questions. So, this […]

How we Built our SIGGRAPH Experience

Our team at the Future Reality Lab has developed a new kind of collocated mixed reality experience that premiers this weekend at the SIGGRAPH show in Vancouver. Dubbed the “Post-show for Cave,” our experience uses the NVIDIA Holodeck for compute power, four of the HTC Vive Pro headsets for full field of view augmented reality, […]

Why create experiences?

Another late night post 🙂 Last weekend was the Panorama music festival where I was able to see people hang out and enjoy the installation I worked with Kate Raudenbush, a Burning Man sculpture artist, for the LAB, a collection of five interactive tech-art experiences at the festival. The installation, As Above So Below is […]

Keyframing – The Basics

With the production on CAVE coming to an end, I have gone back to working on keyframe animation. It’s something I think that has the potential to look better than mocap, if done correctly, but we couldn’t use it for CAVE due to the amount of time it takes to do it. I started to […]

At Arm’s Length

For as long as we’ve told ourselves stories, we’ve wanted to crawl inside their worlds and enter their fantastical spaces.  Our world is drab compared to theirs; our experiences in stories would be so much more exciting if we could just exist within them, even if only for a visit.  Many creative forms have been […]

Let’s Talk Optimization!

This is going to be a short post, as we’re in the thick of preparing to take CAVE to SIGGRAPH 2018 in a week. Super exciting stuff, but hasn’t left me with much time for blog post writing! We’re in the quality assurance stages of CAVE – content is pretty much finished, the last cave […]

A Pressure Sensing Trail

The Tactonic floor mat is the pressure sensing technology that I use in my arch index research. It captures real-time pressure images so that we can get foot pressure and further monitor the variances of the pressure along movements. Figure 1. One of the major models that we use in the lab Figure 2. One […]

Hand Tracking in VR

Time to share a new paper 😉 (I have to say it is quite annoying that I cannot just share what I’ve done during the interval because the idea is still ongoing.) Today I wanna talk about the idea “Online Optical Marker-based Hand Tracking with Deep Labels”, which is a hand tracking system based on […]

Origin story

We’ve been spending most of the last year creating a story that takes place about 10,000 years ago in Northern Europe. It’s a story of a young Shaman-to-be who needs to connect with the spirit world. My co-creator Kris Layng and I were drawn to this story partly because it describes a time when humans […]