Prototyping Human Interaction

New From The Lab

Trackers 2.0

Recently, I uploaded a repo to FRL’s Github that includes the multi-user iPad system that I have been working on. If there are any questions anyone has on how to use it, be sure to send them my way! We are looking to set up workspaces that will make it easier for people at the […]

In Search of the (Ground) Truth

One of my favorite components of research is learning about the mathematics behind the algorithms I’m implementing. I might be an odd one out — many programmers I’ve talked to tend to focus on how to use their tools best, skimming over exactly how their tools work in the first place. But for me, I […]

My First Post

As the title indicates, this is my first FRL post, and I am so happy to join this platform where people share their amazing ideas and insights. So please allow me to do a brief introduction. My name is Longkun, and I am a coffee fanatic like most of the people in this lab. During […]

The One Change I Always Make to ~/.vimrc

One of the nicest things about using vim as a text editor is that the key bindings allow you to control the entire program with very few movements away from the home row of keys. The main exception to this rule is that in order to exit out of text insertion mode, you need to […]

What does VR reveal about our Brains?

Another subject I’m really excited about is the intersection between VR and neuroscience. There’s some extremely interesting projects utilizing VR to explore how the VR machine we’re all outfitted with, our brain, works. A saying I really like to use is, “the best VR device out right now is our brain – it’s essentially a […]

Just a Small Update

The past 2 weeks have been a blur. I’ve been helping out with a bunch of different projects at the lab and a couple of personal projects. I’ve worked on creating concepts for various theater configurations, visualizations for the Verizon AR application, and 3D printing figuring to visualize a large number of seated people. I’m excited about […]

Is it TOO Early to Celebrate Christmas?

Is it too early to start decorating for Christmas just yet? Yesterday was Thanksgiving. We spent time with our families, we ate a lot of food, and then we all took a nice power nap. But today…today is the day after Thanksgiving. So, should I start decorating for Christmas? A lot of people have very strong […]

Dust off your NPAPI for a peek inside Perlin’s Menagerie

A quick tutorial for installing Firefox ESR to browse old-but-good Java demos.

Ready to Go Untethered!

Since the very first day our lab started to use VR headsets, every single one of us has been imagining that the experience would be much more wonderful if we could have an untethered VR headset someday. In the last quarter of 2018, our dream finally came true. In the past September, HTC announced their […]

Small Progress of Holodeck

Recently I made small progress for project Holodeck. Holodeck is a project that several labs are contributing to for our vision of future interaction. It includes various components and different use cases. What I recently did is starting to create a unity client for sending and receiving data. The current network components of holodeck are all in […]