Prototyping Human Interaction

In a few years smartphones will be replaced by small high quality VR/AR glasses, enabling computer-supported face-to-face communication, and that will change everything.  At the Future Reality Lab, we are helping to make that future better, friendlier and more human centered.

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Literature Review: Blending the Real World with Virtual Environment

This is a follow-up work after I listened to the talk of RealityCheck @CHI2019. RealityCheck explored how to composite the virtual environment and the real world without pre-captured geometry of the physical world. Combining both the virtual environment and the real world raises a sense of mixed Reality. That is very attractive to me and also researched by us before. Several approaches have been investigated…

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Choosing colors

I was going through some of my older experiments and I came upon this picture. It’s not much — just the visual interface for a simple computer graphic xylophone. Yet as I looked at it, I remembered how much time and care I had taken in designing the colors. My general plan was to go completely around the rainbow from low C (the leftmost note)…

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