Prototyping Human Interaction

New From The Lab

Mammoth Invasion

Unfortunately, our lab is currently experiencing a mammoth infestation. Once, I walked into the office the place was littered with these critters. I could find a way to get rid of them, but seeing as they are so cute (and were supposedly extinct) I can’t find the heart to do such a thing. Can anyone […]

Mirror, Mirror

Preface Today, I’m going to be talking about Virtual Reality (VR) and the ethics of technology. I am not an expert on the topic, so by no means should this be accepted as facts. Additionally, I can’t go into these points with as much depth as they deserve, so think of this more as a […]

Welcome to our Tribe

If you don’t know me just yet, I’m Susan, the line producer intern for the CAVE project. I’ve only been working here since May, but I can honestly say, everyone in this lab feels like family to me. So what makes this team so much more special than all the other teams that I’ve been a […]

The Future of Digital Characters – Part 2

I left off in part 1 of this series asking why it’s easier to connect with some digital characters more than others. One aspect of the answer to this question is believability. Some people would equate believability with realism, but I would argue that the two are very different. So what exactly is the difference […]

Messing with what Works

Why incorporate emerging technologies into working processes? Before I dive into ways to incorporate emerging technologies, I want to answer why one should even do it. Film has been around for a while and we’ve gotten really good at speaking the language of film. The process to making a film is at the point where […]

Fixing Mocap

  Recently I have been doing a lot of 3D modeling for CAVE – creating assets and texturing them. But for a while, my role in the production was to clean up the mocap performance data of our main character. I enjoyed doing it, it was rewarding being able to put a horribly contorted body […]

Story and Spectacle

My recent work needs some more incubation time before I can share it here.  In the meanwhile, some thoughts on film history I’ve recently been exposed to:   What role did Georges Méliès play in the story of film history?  He was not the first to create a cinematographic camera; he begged the Lumière brothers to […]

Adding and Removing Audience Agency

One of the first major decisions we had to make in the early stages of CAVE can be summed up as follows: how much agency are we going to give our audience members ? At first, we thought of having all of the audience members standing, allowing them to move around the virtual set freely, […]

Ready Player Two

When Ready Player One was showing earlier this year, our lab went to watch it together in theater. (Thanks to Ken for buying the tickets!) Ready Player One is a science fiction film tells a story about an adventure in a virtual reality world in the year of 2045. Adventure in VR? It is exactly […]

Calibration Everywhere

Today I wanna discuss a classic topic: Calibration. I was doing stereo camera calibration for making a sketchy AR Rift four years ago. I tried to calibrate the first version of Leap Motion with usb camera three years ago. I did a rough calibration between OptiTrack and HTC Vive one year ago. And I spent […]