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Reactive Characters and Storytelling

It is commonly said that a story with a subpar plot, but compelling and interesting characters will still do rather well when it comes to attracting an audience. . . Well, to be honest, I am not sure if this is really a commonplace saying, but it is something I have heard more than once […]


Hi everyone, my name is Connor DeFanti, and I am a 5th year Ph.D. student here at the Future Reality Lab. During my time here, I have seen some very exciting advancements in the world of Virtual Reality, and my goal is to be a part of those very exciting advancements.   Every day, there […]

Production, Design and Merchandise

For a tech lab’s blog to have tech-related posts is to be expected, but we have so much more to offer. This is where I come in; I’m your bi-weekly post on everything but, well… tech. Let me start by introducing myself: I’m Mia, Associate Producer of CAVE.  While the production team is currently working […]

The Future of Digital Characters – Part 1

Our group at the Future Reality Lab is researching how users will interact with the digital characters of the future. As mobile technology advances, we have seen animated 3D characters in new places. Where they once mainly existed in video games and cartoons, digital characters are becoming a popular feature in mobile messaging apps. With […]

Imagining Future Workflows

This is the beginning of a short series on imagining what emerging technologies — like collaborative virtual reality environments, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality — can add to an artist’s process (with a focus on film / video productions, but can be generalized to other forms of productions).   We live in extremely exciting times, […]

Virtual Museums

Over the last semester, my classmates and I built a virtual museum in the class Future Reality: Trends and Impacts in New Media which was taught by Prof. Allen. When work on the project began, the purpose of the museum was to create a place in which students could store and showcase their digital artwork. […]

Global Input

My recent work has been focused on extending our lab’s unified XR input system to more platforms. This library makes it far easier for developers of XR experiences to deploy to different devices without having to rewrite code for each one.  Right now it’s just a convenient library for developers to have, but I anticipate […]

The Quest for Cheap and Easy Facial Capture

As we started spinning up production for CAVE, our massive SIGGRAPH show, we were immediately faced with a challenge: how do we go about animating the main character’s face? One idea was to find out if we could get access to a motion capture rig that could do facial capture, but that would limit all […]

Everyday Could be the Day

Technology brings us all kinds of possibilities. 40 years ago, when the first cell phone came out, people could not image a world where everybody cannot live without a cell phone; 5 years ago, when the first virtual reality headset released to the public, VR finally turned from a discrete concept into an affordable product […]

It is the best of times

As a routine, first we should comment on the previous post to make the post recursive (and then eventually overflow the stack). It is really good timing for us to work on possible realities now. I don’t have to explain what is virtual reality or augmented reality to my friends. I no longer need to […]