Prototyping Human Interaction

New From The Lab

CAVE – The Movie

For the past few months, Dan Lazar, a cinematographer and recent grad of NYU Film School, has been working on crafting a 2D movie version of CAVE using Unity and Cinemachine. Dan uses wide shots, close ups, tracking and dolly shots, developed over 100s of years of cinemas history, to tell the story of CAVE […]

Sound Ideas

Ken keeps a digital piano at the available for anyone here to play, and since I joined the lab around a year ago I’ve used it often as  a MIDI controller for audio sequencing. I enjoy to compose original music–I go by ear and use samples and synthesizers to approximate the sounds “in my head.” […]

Back In Action

The mammoths are back in action, and so am I, seeing as I am back at FRL from my brief vacation. A lot has been going on since I came back. I have been working with some others at the lab on creating a small world superimposed in our own. This world has decidedly sprouted […]

Sharing Virtual Spaces: The Foundation

“The Holodeck is Other People” was one of the first things Ken Perlin told me when I joined this lab, well before it was the Future Reality Lab. If you’ve listened to him or read his blog, you’ve probably heard it as well. It’s a statement that has driven many of the projects at our […]

Cartooning at the lab

Hello all! Thank you for coming here to this blog post. You must be interested in computer science of graphics or something! I feel you. Let me introduce myself, I am a Canadian Cartoonist that is currently blessed with the opportunity to sit in at the Future Reality Lab this summer. I am so Canadian […]

50+ Post Streak

53 days ago, we launched the Future Reality Lab Blog, and our lab members have posted every something new every single day since then. As we build up our library of posts, we have been discussing how best to organize this content. There are some obvious things we plan to do next— like creating bio pages […]

Ups and Downs of Reactive + Procedural Animation

I’m going to take a break from posting about immersive mediums this week and talk about procedural animation. So, I’ve been making these audio reactive projections for the rooms that the Cave show will take place in at SIGGRAPH, as well as these LED floors for a music festival that’s happening in a week.   […]

How to Rock

Today I’m going to guide you through the process we took in making many of the larger 3D assets for CAVE This asset is going to be used as a unique rock within the CAVE show. It started as a 3D model found online which was then changed to match the needs of the production. […]

Designing for Yourself

If I’ve learned one thing from my education, it’s that the innovative or technical merit of a project is nowhere near as important as the experience of using it.  I learned this in my journeys through NYU’s Game Design program, where playtesting of my projects revealed that many of the systems I’d built that the […]

Designing a survey for a new medium

As the premiere of CAVE at SIGGRAPH 2018 rapidly approaches, I’ve teamed up fellow FRL-er Connor Defanti and DGP-er Haijun Xia to design a survey. The main goal of the survey is to collect and evaluate what makes CAVE what it is: its strengths, weaknesses, and innovations which make such a phenomenal experience. I’ve found […]