Metaroom WebVR

Our research lab at NYU developed a Web VR system that allows multiple participants to share a VR experience that is mapped one-to-one with the phyiscal room. We used this system in the classroom during the Fall 2019 semester to teach 30 of Ken Perlin’s graduate students to build social VR experiences using web technologies.


Ken PerlinExecutive Producer and Technical Director
Michael GoldExecutive Producer
Benjamin AhlbrandDeveloper
Karl T. RosenbergDeveloper
Alexandra SerraltaDeveloper
Nicholas Gregory VitovichDeveloper

Student Projects

Check out some of the VR experiences students built using Metaroom.

To launch these exepriences in WebVR, visit this website using your Oculus Quest’s browser and presss the “Launch in VR” button, then press the “Enter VR” button.

Grab your VR headset and grab a few friends — these experiences support up to three simultaneous players.

Vishakh Padmakumar, Karl Rosenberg, Ziyun Wang, Xiangyu Wei
A puzzle game where the players work to escape a generated world
Tongxin Xu, Lin Ye, Ruojin Zhang
Three players cooperate to play a breakout clone together in the VR world
Gingerbread Man
Praveen Oak, Hsi-Sheng Mei, Jackie Liu, Kris Lowman
Players work together to decorate a life-sized gingerbread house.
Into the Unknown
Yunhao Li, Zhonghui Hu, Zheng Jiang, Zhen Li
A multiplayer physics puzzle adventure
Making Waves
James Hosken, Michael Gold, Youpeng Gu
A collaborative soundscape generator
Vaib Gadodia, Kaili Ding, Yichen Duan, Nehemiah Dureus
A multiplayer VR game/experience heavily inspired by Tetris
Where Are My Arms?
Sukanya Aneja, Jacqueline Abalo, Jialiang Cao, Muge Chen
An exploration of the unique perceptual illusions afforded by the medium of VR

Special thanks to Terrence Masson and John Benton from the School of Visual Arts and to Oculus Education