It is the best of times

As a routine, first we should comment on the previous post to make the post recursive (and then eventually overflow the stack).

It is really good timing for us to work on possible realities now. I don’t have to explain what is virtual reality or augmented reality to my friends. I no longer need to use Iron man or Ender’s game as examples to describe my work. Also now we have Ready Player One ;-). Thanks to Sci-Fi movies, people can now foresee the future to some extent and also expect more for the present.

All brilliant ideas will be broken into pieces of details. While we are thinking big, actually we are still using cumbersome tools like heavy headsets. But the idea, the vision, is way more important than the details. That’s why in the future reality lab, we keep coming up with novel ideas. We keep thinking What is the future style of our life? How can people communicate, share experiences with friends, hang out together? And why don’t some people don’t like 4D movies?

The new generation will arrive eventually. Before change can happen, we need to help those changes happen. We are lucky to be doing that.


(Talking big is really not my strong point. Let me post the code and ask for git star next time. Sounds like a plan.)



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